Kid Independant World T-Shirt Champion 2012

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Our Story

“Remember when you were a child, making cubby houses, running under the sprinkler, and hours of playing in the backyard with the kids down the street?  Everything seemed so much simpler then.  Like you, we want our kids to enjoy a fun, expressive, carefree childhood.”

So what is Arkadia? ‘Arkadia’ embodies: Arcadia; the ancient Greek province that was an idyllic vision of unspoiled wilderness, where

people lived in harmony with nature and each other; and the old-school vintage games Arcade, an emporium of child-like wonder and fun! Arkadia was brought to life by Gold Coast t-shirt enthusiasts, parents and partners in crime, Ammber and Justin.

“For us, Arkadians – both big and small – love to explore nature and grow and make things. They believe life is an adventure and they’re not afraid to go against the grain, as they embrace their individuality.

It is our hope to create a vibrant online community where like-minded people can relive the nostalgia of their own childhoods, share the highs and lows of parenting, our label’s journey, and participate in building Arkadia.”

Ammber: “I was an imaginative child, who spent countless hours drawing the world around me. I loved to learn about animals, ride my bike, swim like a mermaid, go fishing with my dad and fill my many sketchbooks.
I’ve worked in fashion, music graphic design and screen printing for many years but Arkadia is where the heart is. I get a great sense of joy from bringing my designs to life and raising two little Arkadians.
Justin: “I was (and still am!) an outgoing and adventurous kid who loved to run, climb trees, build cubby houses and go camping and fishing.  I have a love of nature and a passion for music and will never grow up. I believe kids have a lot to teach us about what is important in life!  I’ve worked in social services for children and am a qualified financial planner. So Ammber reckons I’m Arkadia’s business brains and action man.”

We are a label for kids and the young at heart, crafting apparel and lifestyle merchandise that inspires, amuses and enlightens.  Committed to using quality garments, our designs are built to endure the rigors of adventurous kids and become heirlooms to pass onto future Arkadians. We use ethically made garments of exceptional quality as a canvas for our classic, quirky graphics! Each one has been lovingly designed and printed in Australia in small, limited edition print runs.

Woven into the fabric of Arkadia is the joy of new discoveries, the wonderment of childhood, a longing for simpler times and the magic of nature.  Our unique prints draw inspiration from nature, our children, our own childhood nostalgia, films and music, quotes, bygone eras, simple pleasures and vintage treasures!